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Guardian Interlock Installations

To date, the Guardian Ignition Interlock devices have already prevented 4,931,988 intoxicated drivers from accessing the roadways.

These in-car devices incorporate intelligent driver recognition, mandatory breath-testing before ignition and immediate lock-down of vehicle's ignition system at the first indication of alcohol, to successfully prohibit intoxicated drivers from repeatedly harming themselves and their fellow citizens.

Studies show that re-arrest rates have decreased by 66% among individuals who have used Guardian's Interlock device.

Guardian Interlock is a business founded on providing technologically innovative and reliable products, and ensuring a cost–effective alternative to the expense of incarceration.

The U.S. has passed a law requiring DUI and DWI offenders to install an ignition interlock device (IID) as a condition of license reinstatement or probation after a drunk driving condition.